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CBD Massage Therapy Is Now in Bethesda VA!

Some people find it very difficult to relax especially when they feel constantly agitated with their day-to-day activities. A smaller group of people find it even more difficult due to physical or mental ailments that they need more than just a massage. As being one of the new and accepted forms of massage therapy, CBD massage in Bethesda is gaining a lot of attention and popularity due to its amazing benefits that most people might even consider a breakthrough.

What is CBD
What is CBD?
To begin, we will look at CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid that does not cause the feeling of being high in the user. It is found in large concentrations in the cannabis plant (THC is the substance that makes the person high) and is often derived from other hemp plants as well.
The only difference when included into a massage is the substance utilized, not the massage technique itself. So, while it may seem like something quite different from a regular rub-down, a CBD massage is exactly what it sounds like: a massage conducted using CBD-infused oils and creams.
CBD Massage vs. Regular Massage
As previously stated, the main distinction between a CBD massage and a conventional massage is the CBD. The CBD has minimal effect on kneading methods and is identical to a typical massage at Moon Lake Spa.
Using CBD oil for massage therapy as an alternative to standard massage therapy can assist to ease stress and tension. As a result, CBD is an excellent supplement for anyone who has difficulty sleeping at night.
Potential Benefits of a CBD Massage
CBD is a fascinating natural compound found in plants that has shown promise in the treatment of cancer, neurological illnesses, and anxiety. The substance is utilized in a range of medications to treat these ailments, as well as an increasing number of additional illnesses such as IBS, arthritis, and acne.
“CBD oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties that may more effectively relax painful muscles and joints, which makes it perfect for massages,” says Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, an expert in CBD massage. “It promotes the body to repair faster and is effective in alleviating anxiety and gastrointestinal distress.”
How to Prepare for a CBD Massage
Simply unwind. No, but when it comes to receiving a CBD massage, the main idea is to relax, so don’t worry about how to prepare for the massage. Simply attend as you would for any other massage and prepare to be pampered by CBD.
There’s no need to jump in the shower right after a CBD massage—in fact, it’s discouraged. By carrying on with your day while still wearing the CBD cream, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of the soothing component for several hours.
We are pleased to provide our clients with natural, organic hemp-derived CBD oil, a potent supplement for wellbeing that aids in the treatment of pain, inflammation, and the prevention of anxiety and depression. You’ll discover that it works wonders for aches and pains, but we also feel it’s beneficial for general wellbeing and happiness.