Moon Lake Spa


Our Story

Moon Lake Spa prioritizes your needs before anything else. As Vienna’s finest modern spa, we are dedicated in providing a getaway experience for beauty and wellness.
our philosophy

Our Philosophy

“Relax and Take a Break
from Your Daily Routine”
As a modern getaway spa in Vienna, Moon Lake Spa knows how tiring our hectic, modern lives can be. The stresses of life can often feel like they’re piling up on you quicker than anyone expects. But you have a secret weapon
Moon Lake Spa offers an experience that focuses on your wellbeing. Our modern spa services also allow you to rest, recreate and reconnect to yourself in a natural way.

Our Mission

To Provide a Relaxing
Getaway Experience
Moon Lake Spa is the perfect place to have R&R (Rest and Recreation). Our expertise feature modern solutions to help you unwind and take a moment for yourself at a time that’s right for your schedule.
When you come in for a visit, expect for a getaway experience where you can take the time to relax, refresh, revive and take care of yourself so you can continue to thrive and win in life.
our philosophy

Who We Are?

Dedicated to Our Work
We are composed of a team of dedicated professionals who are committed and passionate in giving you excellent service. Our staff, massage therapists, estheticians, and acupuncturists are all certified and trained in providing the best spa experience professionally.
We are ready to welcome you to a spa retreat like no other. If you’re looking to have a well-deserved break from your daily routine, Moon Lake Spa opens its doors for you.
Relax, Refresh & Save