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body Treatments spa Vienna

Everyone has their own needs. The same is the case when it comes to beauty and body needs. You may be struggling from frequent breakouts or skin dullness, while others may need any kind of relaxing massage or therapy don not need to worry we provide you special offers. So, to consider the needs and demands of everyone, we come up with our special packages body Treatments spa Vienna which you will get unique combos of various treatments. They will help you satiate your body and beauty needs.

  • 75 MINS – $119

Covers 45 mins of massage that includes Aromatherapy &hot stone, and 30 mins deep-clean facial.

  • 90 MINS – $139

Get 60 mins massage including Aromatherapy &hot stone, and 30 mins deep-clean facial.

  • 100 MINS – $149

Cover 70 mins massage including Aromatherapy &hot stone, and 30 mins deep-clean facial.

Under these brief yet extensive services of body Treatments spa Vienna, you will have the expert services to enjoy all kinds of body treatments from the expert therapists of moon lake spa. The great thing about our offers is their variety and their relativity. No matter what your budget is you can have one service or another without going overboard. Moreover, we revise our offers more frequently than any other spa would, to ensure inclusivity and the relatability of the services. from massages to facials to any other kind of body treatment you can have a variety of services under our special offers. You just have to visit our site often to get to know about ongoing offers and packages.

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