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So, You’re Afraid to Have a Massage?

The good news is that you are not alone in your anxiety. Many individuals are hesitant to book a massage because they are concerned about what can happen during the process. If you’re concerned about arranging an appointment, the good news is that most of your concerns may be swiftly alleviated with the assistance of our expert masseuse. These are among the most common concerns we hear from individuals who aren’t ready to schedule a massage near by me, and why they should be the last thing you ought to be concerned about.
Getting Naked

There is a widely held belief that in order to have a massage, you must be completely nude. This is possibly the most prevalent concern we hear from massage clients. The good news is, this isn’t true! The only portion of your body that must be exposed is the section of your body that will be massaged. Full sheets and curtains will be utilized to conceal your body and protect it from being exposed during your massage. We can work over garments if you are too uncomfortable to have direct touch with your skin. We will always make every effort to make you feel at ease.

Dealing With Pain
Depending upon the type of massage you receive, your treatment may leave you sore, but it will not leave you in agony. The treatment that we use ensures that there is very minimal pain. Before we begin working on the deeper layers of muscle, we will warm up the muscles that will be worked on. If you experience any discomfort during the massage, it is your obligation to notify the therapist. If you feel painful the next day, it is important to understand that this is due to the waste and pressure that your body is releasing. Stretching and drinking water might help to relieve stiffness immediately. If you are still experiencing difficulty by day three, please contact our office so that we can determine the source of your problem.
Alone with a Complete Stranger

Your massage’s goal is to give you with some rest and relaxation. If you’re apprehensive about opening up behind closed doors with a stranger, take it slowly at first. Inform your massage therapist that this is your first session and request a basic back massage rather than a deep tissue massage. Then work your way up until you’ve gotten a better understanding of what you’re getting into, and even then, if you’re ever uncomfortable, we can both accommodate and stop at any time.


Leave your worries at the entrance and visit Moon Lake Spa in Vienna. After your massage, you’ll realize how good it feels to relieve your muscles of all the stress and strain that they keep in and end up harming your body even more. You can rely on our massage professionals to provide you the relaxation you require. We would like to provide you with the best experience when it comes to getting a relaxing massage.