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Top 3 Health benefits of Massage Near Tysons Corner

Massage Near Tysons Corner
Massage therapy has benefits for everyone from pregnant women to athletes, and has been shown to improve people’s overall health and wellness. But, as we’ve seen and heard before from our friends and family that experienced it, it’s a form of treatment that can benefit patients with a variety of different conditions. These Top 3 health benefits can be easily achieved with the professional massage therapy services of Moon Lake Spa near Tysons Corner.
Hydrate before and after an appointment
It’s best to go into your massage appointment hydrated and ready to drink plenty of water after your session. Massages can be great for relieving stress and tension but if you are stressed you are likely to have muscle aches and soreness afterwards. To help ease this you should hydrate yourself before your appointment and drink plenty of water when you are there.
Reduces stress and anxiety
When it comes to the effects of a massage, science is still relatively new in understanding exactly how it works. However, it is known that the human body has two nervous systems: the sympathetic and the parasympathetic. The parasympathetic is more of a daily response. It leads to relaxation, while the sympathetic, on the other hand, leads to increased activity.
A massage is a relaxing and restorative technique that can be used to relieve stress and tension by addressing the two sections of our nervous system.
Improves sleep
Massage therapy is proven to help ease stress, increase the production of serotonin and dopamine, and also reduce levels of cortisol, a hormone linked to increased stress. Many studies also suggest that massage therapy reduces heart attack risk, which makes it an ideal choice for treating congestive heart failure.
Lessens pain and muscle tension
Some studies have investigated the impact of massage on various forms of chronic pain. The findings suggest that, while massage may reduce acute pain over time, longer sessions with more frequent massages are more effective. The regular strokes and movements help to facilitate healthy blood flow on our muscles.
Talk to your therapist before you schedule your appointment! It helps to ask questions and get answers, but it’s also important to understand the scope of your treatment plan.