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Your Face in Diamonds: The Power of Microdermabrasion Facial

Microdermabrasion is a treatment that features the latest technology in skincare and exfoliation. There are many kinds and types of facials that exfoliates the skin more than simple washing but Microdermabrasion is a step up to these procedures because it ensures that excess and dead skin cells are totally removed to make way for the growth of newer, healthier, and more radiant skin cells.
The way that Microdermabrasion works is that the very top layer of skin is softly scraped away using a specialized applicator. Some methods use a spray containing either aluminum oxide or sodium bicarbonate to achieve the same results. It is commonly regarded as safe and suited for most skin types and skin tones.

Microdermabrasion Facial is not an intrusive procedure, but it does need the use of specialized expertise and instruments. To ensure a safe and seamless facial treatment, you should consult a competent specialist in Moon Lake Spa near Tysons Corner VA.

There are three types of dermabrasion:
Diamond-tip Microdermabrasion
Diamond-tip Microdermabrasion
Perhaps the most sophisticated Microdermabrasion tool, this specially designed instrument sloughs off dead skin cells and at the same time vacuums it off the skin. The depth of the process depends on the pressure provided by the technician and the length of time spent on a specific area of skin. Because of its accuracy, Diamond-tip Microdermabrasion is typically used on the face, particularly near the eyes.
Crystal Microdermabrasion
Crystal Microdermabrasion
This involves spraying tiny crystals onto the skin, rubbing away dead skin cells and the skin’s worn out outer layer. Again, there is a built-in suction to remove the dead skin and used crystals.
This is a modern microdermabrasion technology that exfoliates the skin using water and oxygen rather than the crystals mentioned above.
Does it hurt?
The word ‘abrasion’ may turn you off, leading you to believe that microdermabrasion would be painful. However, microdermabrasion doesn’t have lasting and significant pain that will be uncomfortable and alarming for a long time.
People going through Microdermabrasion are normally seated in a reclining posture or lying down. The technician will work on the targeted region of the skin using the appropriate instruments. The treatment is usually completed with the application of a soothing moisturizer and sunscreen.
It may be a bit unpleasant for those who are going through the procedure for the first time, and your skin may feel rather tight afterwards but these are just temporary like all other facials. Later on, you may notice that the treated area of skin is warmer. This is due to increased blood flow to facilitate the growth of new skin cells.
You should be open and honest with the technician about your degree of comfort. If you have sensitive skin, please notify the technician ahead of time.
What are its Benefits?
It’s important to grasp the advantages of microdermabrasion once you’ve learned what it is and what it’s used for. Your skin will feel baby smooth after microdermabrasion, and there should be less variation in color. Microdermabrasion can also increase collagen formation, which improves suppleness and decreases the appearance of wrinkles.