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Experience a sweet escape and treat yourself to a whole new standard in spa routine. Get slimmer, detoxify, reinvigorate and refresh with our extraordinary body treatments.

body Treatments spa Vienna


This rejuvenating body treatments features a full body polish with a warm body scrub that helps refresh the body and hydrate the skin, giving you that fresh feeling and healthy glow.
30min $59

body Treatments spa Vienna


With our “Renew Body” Polish and Massage, you’ll surely have a refreshing and renewing experience. This includes a warm body scrub that loosens dull, rough skin, buffing away impurities and encourages circulation. This treatment is then finished off with a massage using rice bran or grape seed oil, leaving your skin feeling smooth, hydrated and glowing.
60 mins $ 99

body Treatments spa Vienna


Achieve a slimmer and fitter you with our professional Body Contouring treatment. This treatment uses a firm sea body mud and firming contour gel combined with advanced massage techniques. This helps melt away stubborn fat and gets rid of cellulite, firming the skin and leaving you with a slimmer and beach-worthy figure.
Suggested Pairing: scalp treatment
90mins $159

Body Polish Spa Vienna


Say “GOODBYE” to stress with this fantastic body treatment. This treatment provides a body wrap that works to detoxify the whole body and provide a sense of deep relaxation. This is accomplished using therapeutic massage techniques with a warm and oil-rich wrap. This expels toxins from the body while providing a deep sense of relaxation to the mind and muscles.
80 mins $149

Body Polish Spa Vienna


This treatment features seaweed as the ideal topical skin treatment ingredient. Seaweed absorbs a combination of sea salt, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements during its underwater lifespan. This combination is then applied to your skin which encourages detoxification. This rejuvenating treatment provides exceptional results with the help of our experts. You may also detoxify again with this treatment in 30-60 day.
Suggested Pairing: scalp treatment
60mins $119

Body Polish Spa Vienna

Body balance massage
/Calming Retreat

Seven specialized treatments combine for head-to-toe bliss, a specialized
neck and shoulder massage release upper body tension, followed by
acupressure and a massage of the scalp. the restorative ancient art of
reflexology complete this holistic .
Intention: Multi-sensory experience
Suggested Pairing: Aromatherapy Enhancement . hot stone , CBD oil

60 MIN $79
75Min $105
90 Min $129
120Min $169

Body Polish Spa Vienna

Sea-Land treatment

Salt from the Himalayas, a natural combination of sea and land, plus organic ginger and lavender. Can effectively soothe your nerves and reduce swelling and inflammation! Dried lemon is beneficial to reduce fat accumulation in the human body, and can also prevent cardiovascular arteriosclerosis, and even have the effects of dispelling summer heat and preventing miscarriage, and eliminating pigmentation in the skin. Combine your body and mind with our professional massage technique
60 mins $129

Body Polish Spa Vienna

Organic Ginger body treatment

Health Benefits of Ginger
Better Digestion
Improves Immunity
Alleviates PMS Symptoms
Reduces Pain
Healthier Skin
Weight Loss Aid
Prevents Cardiovascular Disease
Improves Brain Function It can heal irritated skin。
Our technicians will start with your body exfoliation, then use our organic fresh ginger and our antioxidant grape seed oil (Grape seeds also contain many powerful antioxidant substances, such as various natural organic acids such as germanic acid, cinnamic acid, and vanillic acid, which are all antioxidant elements. Application: Strong penetration, can be used for facial massage and treatment, especially delicate and sensitive skin, oily, acne, acne skin. Rich in vitamin F, minerals, and protein, it can enhance the moisturizing effect of the skin and, at the same time, moisturize and soften the skin. The texture is refreshing and non-greasy and is easily absorbed by the skin) to do your treatment.
Suggested Pairing: scalp treatment
60 MINS $119

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