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Have the true essence of massage in Vienna with Moon Lake Spa


Savor the delightful realm of revitalization and repose with our extensive range of massage in Vienna services, where the genuine spirit of healing touch and expert techniques meet. At Moon Lake Spa we take great satisfaction in providing a wide variety of massage treatments at our facility, each one carefully crafted to meet your individual wellness goals and preferences.

Aim of our extensive services

Our goal at the sanctuary of serenity is to create a haven where tensions vanish, stress disappears, and peace reigns supreme. We are aware of the tremendous advantages of massage therapy that go far beyond simple physical relaxation to include mental clarity, emotional equilibrium, and overall well-being.

A comprehensive range of services

You can experience the transforming power of our massage services such as couple massage in Vienna or other such services, which are designed to accommodate a range of needs and tastes. Our exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable massage therapists represent a dedication to perfection, making sure that each session is customized to your unique tastes and goals.

Swedish massage

Known for its soft, flowing strokes that help release tension from the muscles, enhance circulation, and promote general relaxation, take on a journey of relaxation with the traditional Swedish massage. For those looking for a relaxing and comforting experience, this age-old method is perfect. Or else you are a beginner in the massage world, this massage is the perfect start to step into the realm of the massage world.

Deep tissue massage

Our deep tissue massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, providing comfort for people who are experiencing persistent physical pain or stress in particular parts of their body. This method works to promote recovery from rigorous activities, improve mobility, and release tension with controlled strokes and concentrated pressure.

Hot stone massage

With our hot stone massage, you may feel the peaceful fusion of warmth and calm. To relieve muscle stiffness, increase circulation, and create a deep state of relaxation, massage strokes are performed in tandem with the strategic placement of smooth, hot stones. 

Oil massage

You can benefit from the therapeutic properties of essential oils to enhance your massage experience in our Oil Massage in Vienna. With our massage therapist, you get to enjoy the perfect sense of harmony and deep relaxation as they will provide you a massage based on your personal preferences. You can experience such therapeutic attributes of oil massage only by having it from our experienced massage therapists.

Deep tissue transformation

Tailored for athletes and physically active people, our deep tissue transformation massage aims to maximize results, enhance flexibility, and facilitate relieving muscular stress. Our experts combine the techniques used in deep tissue massage with targeted strokes to relieve muscle soreness and enhance flexibility. This whole-body therapy is a perfect blend of detailed techniques and calculated strokes to provide you with the perfect solace.

Prenatal massage

Designed specifically to meet the requirements of expectant moms, our prenatal massage in Vienna provides tender, caring treatment to ease discomfort, lower tension, and encourage relaxation during this life-changing period.

Targeted therapeutic massage

Unlock energy blockages, increase flexibility, and enhance general wellness with the ancient healing art of various massages, which uses rhythmic stretching, compression, and passive rhythmic motions. This massage is given with the aim of promoting the equilibrium between mind and body. 

A perfect ambiance to relax

Apart from offering an extensive variety of massage treatments, we place a high value on creating a calm and comfortable space that promotes relaxation. Dim lighting, slow music, and a perfect aromatic atmosphere creates the perfect balance to relax mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

You come before everything

Your health and well-being are our top priorities at this establishment. Whether you want to start a path of self-care, recuperate from physical exertion, or find a break from everyday stress, our all-inclusive massage services are customized to match your needs and promote a deep sense of balance, renewal, and inner harmony.


Come experience the real meaning of massage in our community. With our wide choice of massage therapies, where relaxation meets regeneration, discover the art of healing touch. So, book with us today, and let us take you on a ride of utmost relaxation. 

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