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How our therapeutic massage Vienna help with your overall skin care and acne treatment?

Therapeutic massage is frequently linked with relaxation and stress alleviation, but the advantages go far beyond that. Therapeutic massage has the potential to significantly improve overall skin care and acne therapy. Therapeutic massage can help renew the skin by boosting circulation, lowering stress hormones, and promoting lymphatic drainage. Let’s look at how our therapeutic massage Vienna can help you have healthier skin and treat acne more effectively.

Skincare improvement by therapeutic massage

Massage is the best way out there to improve blood circulation. This increase in blood circulation increases the oxygen and nutrient-carrying capacity of cells which helps the skin get enough nutrients to glow. Thus, incorporating massage in our skincare Vienna promotes blood flow to the skin’s surface by providing mild pressure and kneading motions, supplying oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. Improved circulation can lead to a better complexion as well as quicker healing and regeneration of skin tissues. 

Lymphatic drainage

Therapeutic massage promotes lymphatic drainage, which helps remove toxins and waste from the body. With the help of proper therapeutic massage, your lymphatic system can be stimulated which allows it to remove the toxins out of the body guaranteeing clearer and healthier skin. 

Stress reduction

Stress-induced acne, dullness, and fine lines are a few of the major problems that we commonly face which result in premature aging. Therapeutic massage is well-known for its stress-relieving properties since it promotes relaxation and lowers levels of stress chemicals like cortisol. Massage can help prevent or alleviate stress-related skin disorders while also promoting a more luminous complexion. 

Muscle relaxation

Relaxing muscles can improve skin texture, and reduce wrinkles, and fine lines. Massage works deeply on the muscles and releases the tension settled deep inside the muscles. This helps in improving the skin’s overall texture and promotes muscle relaxation. 

Exfoliation and detoxification

Massage techniques like body cleansing and dry brushing can remove dead skin cells, debris, and pollutants from the skin. Exfoliation boosts cell turnover and renewal, leading to smoother, brighter skin. Massage can also stimulate sweat glands, which promotes detoxification and helps to clear pores, making it useful for acne-prone skin. 

How therapeutic massage can help with our Acne treatment Vienna

Reduced inflammation

Acne causes skin inflammation, resulting in redness, swelling, and pain. Massage increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage reduces skin inflammation and improves the skin barrier. Thus, it helps with the rapid healing of acne lesions and lessens inflammation.

Balanced oil production

Imbalanced sebum production is a leading cause of acne. Massage stimulates sebaceous glands and encourages the even flow of sebum. It helps with the control of oil production that clog pores and cause acne. Massage can help to minimize excess oil buildup and breakouts. 

Improved skin barrier function

The skin’s natural barrier protects against pollution, bacteria, and toxic substances that might cause acne. Massage is a great way to maintain the skin barrier as it uses hydrating products that moisturize the skin. Also, massage improves blood circulation and collagen formation which slows down the aging process. A thicker skin barrier can better protect against acne-causing chemicals and promote overall skin health. 

Enhanced absorption of skincare products

Therapeutic massage Vienna improves skincare product absorption by boosting blood flow to the skin’s surface and allowing active substances to penetrate better. Massage techniques can help topical acne treatments like cleansers, serums, and moisturizers be more efficiently absorbed and utilized by the skin, resulting in greater outcomes. 

Stress reduction and hormonal balance

Reducing stress and balancing hormones can alleviate acne symptoms. Massage reduces stress and improves hormonal balance by reducing the stress hormone from the body. This causes the production of happy hormones in the body which significantly impact the skin condition. Massage, by treating the underlying causes, can help prevent or decrease acne outbreaks caused by stress and hormonal swings. 


Therapeutic massage can improve skin health and treat acne. Massage can help renew the skin by boosting circulation, promoting lymphatic drainage, lowering stress, and addressing underlying skin concerns. To get such comprehensive benefits from a therapeutic massage feel free to reach Moon Lake Spa, we are here to offer you the services that will cover all your skincare concerns.

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