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Revive your beauty with the help of Body Treatments Spa Vienna


Savor a haven of rest and renewal as our body treatments spa Vienna extends an invitation for you to set out on a quest to rediscover your innate beauty. Our spa offers a place of renewal and rest to anyone who is looking to have a break from the tiring monotonous routine of their daily lives. We are offering you the perfect getaway, or a perfect break you very well deserve. Thus, to experience the true solace and step up your self-care game, our spa is your perfect choice. 

Enjoy the mysteries of body treatments

We have carefully chosen our body treatments to meet all your needs, from restoration to renewal. Every experience is painstakingly created, fusing cutting-edge ideas with antiquated methods to produce a harmonic combination of renewal and relaxation.

Aromatherapy massage

With our aromatherapy massage, you can transport yourself to a new sensory experience. Our Oil Massage in Vienna will take you on an exhilarating yet soothing journey of aromas and relaxation. Our experts work well on your body to ease muscle soreness and provide you with physical relaxation. While soothing aromas of essential oils will relax you mentally and give you mental clarity. 

Exfoliating body scrubs

Use our energizing exfoliating scrubs to revive the radiance of your skin. We carefully made these scrubs from natural ingredients, such as rice flour, coffee extracts, sugar, etc. They carefully remove the impurities and dead skin cells leaving the soothing, moisturized, and soft skin behind. Moreover, it also promotes blood circulation and creates a healthy glow from beneath.

Hydrating body wraps

Treat yourself to one of our opulent body wraps and lose yourself in a cocoon of sustenance. These intensely hydrating wraps, infused with nourishing nutrients, leave the skin feeling soft, supple and renewed. Take part in a mild cleansing procedure that invigorates your entire body.

Detoxifying body treatments

Use our detoxifying treatments to cleanse your body and mind. Massages such as Deep Tissue Massage Vienna techniques are used in such treatment to increase blood flow and enhance the detoxifying power of the body. Such treatments would help you get rid of toxic substances from your body and you can achieve inner and outer glow both. 

Body contouring 

Specific procedures are designed to improve skin tone and texture while lessening the appearance of cellulite. These treatments are provided by experienced and skilled professionals who use various tools and techniques to help your body get in shape. 

Our strategy for optimal health

We at our body treatments spa Vienna aka Moon Lake Spa are aware that genuine beauty comes from the inside. Therefore, our mindset goes beyond just external improvements. Our experts emphasize the importance of mental and physical health. you can’t be healthy and beautiful unless you are both physically and mentally perfect. 

  • Personalized consultation

To ensure that each visitor has a unique experience, our skilled therapists conduct personalized consultations. They learn about each guest’s needs and preferences and use that information to develop treatments that target certain issues.

  • Calm ambiance

Enter a peaceful haven where you may unwind and rejuvenate yourself. The tranquil melodies, calming smells, and serene ambiance will envelop you in a state of complete relaxation.

  • Expert practitioners

The members of our team are proficient in a variety of modalities and have a strong foundation in the practice of healing touch. They provide therapies that go above and beyond expectations, revitalizing and restoring you in the process. They are dedicated to perfection.

Set out on your path to radiance

Take a break from the ordinary and indulge in the life-changing experience that our spa offers for body treatments. Our sanctuary is ready to lead you on a journey to rediscovering your inherent beauty, whether you’re looking for relief from everyday stress, a way to lift your spirits after a long day, or just some time for self-care.

Savor the rejuvenating effects of our body treatments and welcome a revitalized sense of health and vigor. Let our spa serve as your sanctuary, a place where relaxation and beauty coexist and renewal is limitless. Reach us today and book your appointment. Let us take you on a journey of renewal and revival in the best way possible.

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