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spa body polish

Body polish is a recent advancement in the beauty world. If you haven’t heard of it before, no worries, you are not alone. Many people still don’t know how body polish works and in what way it is beneficial for you. There are various spas like Body Treatments Spa Vienna that offer this special treatment. However, you need to know not every spa can provide you with the essence of this service. This is where Moon Lake Spa comes into the picture. 

Moon Lake Spa is the Spa in Vienna that makes sure to provide the best of the best when its services are in question. You can expect nothing but the best when you are working with us. So, regardless of your beauty and body needs you can rely on us. Now, as far as the topic is concerned body polish, this article will cover everything in detail. So, we appreciate it, if you stick with us till the end. 

What is spa body polish?

Spa Body polish is a great service that will help you get your glowy skin back while enjoying the experience. It is the perfect fusion of massage and body exfoliation through mild to strong scrubs. This exfoliation removes the dead skin, dirt, and debris from your skin. It is like a facial but instead of a face, the prime focus is a body. Thus, the benefits you enjoy from a facial, are the same benefits you will get to enjoy from body polish but for the body. 

Process of body polish

Like any other beauty treatment, there is a set of protocols that needs to be followed while providing the body polish. A typical procedure that our aestheticians follow is;

  • Exfoliation

As the name indicates this step involves the use of exfoliation creams and masks. Our beauty expert will apply this paste all over your body and gently massage it in a rhythmic pattern. Maintaining pressure is the key here in which our aestheticians are experts. They will focus on the areas with much exposure like legs, upper back, arms, shoulders, neck, etc. Moreover, they are super careful if you are sustaining any kind of injury or sensitive to any kind of exfoliating agent. 

  • Cleansing

Generally, the procedure of exfoliation is followed for quite a while. After thorough exfoliation, our expert will guide you towards the shower or help you clean the exfoliating agent. Our therapist will provide you with warm towels to thoroughly clean yourself if you don’t prefer to take a shower. 

  • Moisturization

After exfoliation and cleansing our therapist will provide you massage with essential oils or moisturizing lotions. It will help the skin replenish its moisture after being treated for this long. Exfoliating agents often remove moisture and skin’s natural sebum along with dirt and dead skin. Thus, this step holds the key significance. Moreover, the massage you will get while having spa body polish is literally an out-worldly experience. 

How we are a better option than DIY this treatment

You may think that you can do this at your home easily.  But do you have the products and moisturizing agents that will do the magic? We are pretty sure it won’t be the case. However, with us, you will have the treatment by using special products that are specifically designed to cater to your beauty requirements. 

Whether you are suffering from saggy skin, extreme tan, or dull skin, we have everything in store for you. With our expert treatment best facial for glowing skin, premium quality products you can address all your concerns. But mind that, if you think everything will be alright in one session then it’s not possible. You have to be regular with your sessions. Only then you can expect your desired results. 

Benefits of having body polish

As far as the perks of having this treatment are concerned, there are several benefits it offers. Some are more profound than others. So, 3 of these profound benefits are as follows;

  • Skin nourishment is the most prominent benefit that you can have by having regular sessions of body polish. Gentle exfoliation not only cleans the skin deeply but also improves the blood circulation beneath, which improves the skin texture.
  • Secondly, the glow your body would feel after having this treatment is not a hidden deal. 
  • Soothing massage in the end with moisturizing products is as relaxing as any massage.


In the end, it is safe to say that spa body polish is an all-rounder body treatment that caters to all beauty needs in a perfect way. You can have this service in detail with Moon Lake Spa. So, book an appointment and give us a chance to serve you.

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